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Why Standard Movers Stand Out As Dubai Top Moving Company?


Standard Movers is not your average moving company in Dubai.

Cheap movers are not easy to come by here in Dubai, and if you do find a moving company you end up regretting the decision of simply not renting a truck and doing it yourself. Dubai Standard Movers works so hard to be the best moving company available without compromising the quality of our moving service.


Moving day can be incredibly tough for absolutely any Dubai home owner, or even if you live in an apartment here in our beloved Dubai city of the United Arab Emirates. If you try to do it on your own it takes all day; you might have a hard time finding friends in Dubai to help you, and if you don’t have much experience moving, then it can be an absolute misery.


At the end of moving day, you end up with a lot of stuff you can’t find, broken belongings, drenched in sweat, and suffering from an unbelievably sore back! Even worse is that you realize that moving day is only half way done because your new home is still nothing but the bunch of cardboard boxes you brought in that you haven’t unpacked yet!


Take all the pain and frustration out of moving day by hiring Standard Movers as your choice in a Dubai local moving company. A brand new home is awesome, but not having to lift a finger on moving day thanks to our professional movers in Dubai will be a very close second!


Standard Movers offers a wide variety of absolutely high quality moving services, and are more than happy to serve our professional services:



Our Standard Movers - Dubai Moving Company has heard all of the terrible stories about the bad experiences that people here in Dubai have had with other residential moving companies available. They track mud into your new home, break your personal belongings, or act incredibly rude to you. Our professional movers know better and are hired by us simply because they are better than the competition.



Whatever size of the move,

we can give you an excellent



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Address: 22 A St - Al Safa - Al Safa 1 - Dubai

PLUS CODE: 56HW+38 Dubai

Phone: 056 292 6562

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